Culture Days

Taste of Japan Fundraiser Event
December 12, 2016

Event Details

This event finished on 01 October 2016

Time: All Day

Date: September 30 2016 - October 1 2016


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The KKSCA participates in Culture Day festivities every year in Kelowna. The event features free participatory and interactive arts and cultural activities presented by individual artists, groups, and organizations. There are 40 events registered for Culture Days in Kelowna, including traditional tea ceremonies and taiko drumming sessions.

This event takes place in the week preceding the Culture Days weekend, as well as on the weekend itself.
Join us downtown for a culture crawl event! Walk from studios and galleries, to retail shops, to restaurants and coffee shops – don’t forget to visit Kasugai gardens! See these creative businesses pair up with artists from multiple disciplines, and engage in the creative culture of Kelowna!