Kasugai City Delegation Visit

Culture Days 2014
September 26, 2014

M r. Mikami was the initiator for Kelowna and Kasugai to become sister cities. He has visited Kelowna several times and his main purpose for visiting here this time was to the original association members and give Buddhist chanting sutra to the departed Mr. Roy Tanaka who was the honorary president of our association. Most of the delegates were in Canada for the first time. We took them city sightseeing, including the downtown promenade, Kasugai Garden, wineries, salmon spawning and the Farmer’s Market.

Mr. Makami was so pleased to reunite with old friends Al & Donna Horning, Ron & Thelma White, Norm & Val Fix and Herb and Peggy Tanaka. the association gave them a warm welcoming party at the Eldorado. In return, they gave the association many Japanese items for the Taste of Japan Fund Raiser when we visited Kasugai in October.